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Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Blargon" - I think I may be a "blurker"...

I think...I am a blurker!

I blog lurk...I admit it...and that is called blurking.

We have all our friends and family listed on the sides of our blogs...and - I click on the links!


Kel Richards writes:

In his New York Times column “On Language” William Safire recently referred to “blargon” – by which he meant blogger’s jargon – the jargon used by bloggers about their blogs.

It turns out that a “blurker” is someone who lurks on a blog: a blog lurker is a “blurker”.

I’ve reported in the past on some of the jargon words that have developed around weblogs (or “blogs”) and those who write them (“bloggers”). For instance, I recently mentioned “blook” – this being a book based on a blog. Now I come across one that is new to me – “blurker”. It turns out that a “blurker” is someone who lurks on a blog: a blog lurker is a “blurker”. Someone who reads many blogs but leaves no evidence of himself behind, or reads an online forum conversation without making a contribution, is a “blurker”.
The word is recorded in the third edition of Paul Dickson’s book “Slang: The Topical Dictionary of Americanisms.”

I've learned a LOT by blurking!

One of my dear friends won the sweetest dress ever for her little Granddaughter because of a contest I read about on another blog!

I've gotten some of the BEST recipes by blurking.

And I've found that the friends of my friends - not to mention the friends of my children's friends - are some of the nicest people!!!

Hmmm - maybe I'm not a true blurker - because sometimes I do post - I just have to say "Thank you" for the recipe or share a ((hug)) - and - I hope you don't mind - SMILE


Torri said...

Well if you are a blurker, so am I. And I'm glad I share the name with such great company!!

Ratliffs said...

You're too funny! I think we're all blurkers at one time or another!

Mother Goose said...

hey, you know a blogger lives for comments! It's all about the love.

Lazenby Family News said...

glad to read about the blurker! New work for Webster's Dictionary. I sometimes blurk. My favorite music comes from my daughter's friends in Arizona. I love the side panel of visits. That always makes me want to leave a message. This is a very cute site and I love your little icons on Temple Work. Best Wishes, Susan Lazenby