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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hubby Tag!

Hubby Tag!
This challenge came from Aimee's blog -

I don't know whether to thank her
(we really need to take the time to appreciate each other more often - smile)
freak (I am very private - yikes)

1) Where did you meet? (the first time):
The very first time I saw him was working to get an "MMen & Gleaner" (now Single Adults) Conference set up - when we were all part of the Palmdale Stake (1967) - (my friends love to remind me that I told them "if there was anyone I could marry - it was him" before we even dated - LOL - what an "Attitude")

2) How long did you date before you were married?:
We dated 3 months - then were engaged for 3 months before we got married - smile

3) How long have you been married?:
41 years! (July 8, 1967)

4) What does he do that surprises you?:
He gets right down with the Grandkids to play with them - SMILE - they love to play with Grandpa!

5) What is your favorite feature about him?
He has an amazing aura of comfort and strength about him.

6) What is your favorite quality about him?:
As demanding as he is of himself - I'm always amazed at how very patient he is with others!

7) Does he have a nickname for you?:
"Mutti" (it's German from his Mission to Austria)

8) What is his favorite color?:
cyan - a light blue (like the background of his website http://hallcw1.u.yuku.com/)

9) What is his favorite food?:
I know he really likes a good pie - smile

10) What is his favorite sport?
Probably Tennis right now (to watch) and swimming (to do) - he Lettered in most sports.

11) Who said "I love you" first?
Probably me - chuckle - blush

12) When and where was your first kiss?:
I'm embarassed to say ... I don't remember

13) What is your favorite thing to do together?:
Quiet things...now days - smile

14) How old is he?:
He looks much younger than his 68 years (March 31, 1940)

15) Do you have any kids?:
LOL - 10!!! - 5 sons and 5 daughters - smile

16) What is a hidden talent he has?
He makes Giant Cinnamon rolls that are to die for!

17) What is his favorite type of music?
He loves to sing!

18) What do you admire most about him?:
He has a fantastic Gospel and Scriptural background!!!

19) Do you think he is going to read this?
He doesn't even know I have this website - yet - giggle
(he is sooooooooooo busy right now with genealogy - seminary - and Prop. 8!!!)


Ratliffs said...

Yay! How fun! Thanks for sharing!! :) I remember one time he told Trevor and I that he likes two kinds of pie...hot pie and cold pie :)!


Our men do like their pie!