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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Elder Steven Tolboe has been in the field for 53 days

(Visit his website at: http://www.missionsite.net/eldertolboe/main )

Elder Steven Tolboe
Assigned to the Everett Washington Mission
as an ASL Missionary

Mission: Washington Everett
Entered the MTC on: October 15, 2008
Expected Release Date: October 15, 2010
Favorite scripture: D&C 78:17-18

Latest News:
November 4
- Assigned to Lake Forest Park, Washington, Companion Elder Moss, Assigned to learn ASL
November 4 - Elder Steven Tolboe left MTC and flew up to Everett Washington, arriving at 9:34a.m.
October 15 - Elder Steven Tolboe entered the Provo MTC, 1:00 p.m.

Gail - Steven - Richard Tolboe


Ratliffs said...

So that is your brothers son?! How fun! I love the ASL language!

templework said...


While I'd love to claim Ric as my brother...we are actually "Cousins" - Our Grandfathers were brothers.


jarca said...

"While I'd love to claim Ric as my brother" (she'd love to claim anyone as a brother after being stuck with two bratty younger sisters LOL).
lucky Ric! i always wanted to learn ASL and feel if they would make one international SL it would be perfect to enable communication when traveling to any foreign country.
i know how hard a mission can be, but i hope that he is enjoying the experience and has wonderful memories of it for the rest of his life. ((((HUGS))))