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Friday, January 30, 2009

Google Blogger For Dummies to be released in February!

Thanks to Blogger Buster for the heads up!!!

" If
you're familiar with the "Dummies" series of books, you'll understand how helpful and insightful these textbooks can be in dealing with any subject.

That being said, I'm happy to announce that Google Blogger for Dummies is due to hit bookshops on February 3rd. It's available to
pre-order now from Amazon.com (priced at $16.49) and will be available in Barnes and Noble, Waterstones and other bookshops, and also directly from Wiley..."

Read more at Blogger Buster!


Lucy said...

And I am one of 'them' dummies. I will be getting this book. :)

jarca said...

is this a hint to your technically challenged sister?

R Max said...

I hope they have some hints on how to read "word verification" cos those things drive me mental!

(Nice blog btw.)

templework said...

Lucy - you and me, both - smile

No, Jarca - it is a hint to YOUR technically challenged sister!

R Max, thanks for commenting
I think the 'word verifications' serve a purpose
why can't they be legible?!?