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Thursday, January 29, 2009

We're so excited! We'd like you to meet...

We're so excited!
We'd like you to meet Ken More our new refrigeration specialist!

(his predecessor went into a steady decline suffering from severe compressor overload -
essentially his heart just gave out - sigh
and as he was being hauled out he kept murmuring deliriously over and over something about:
"they would never make sure my door was shut...")
It was very painful to watch!!!

Ken is really Busy working - so when you come to visit - it's probably best to ask
if he has time to visit or not...
We certainly don't want him to suffer the same fate!!!

(Braken Shrog made me do it - He's been teaching me how to choose the 'proper' name for things - i.e. his computer is named: 'Dell-ano Roosevelt' and Miglet's is named 'Dell-ilah'! LOL)


jarca said...

WOW!!!! that is nice! and i love the freezer on the bottom so you don't have to stoop to get to things in the refridgerator.
the double doors??? do they open to one big area or are they seperated into 2 smaller areas like side by sides? (i never liked side by sides as they always seemed not to have enough room for large/wide things).
and i get a chuckle out of your naming things---i'm never sure if you got a new machine or a new grandchild LOL

templework said...

It has the double doors which take up less room when you open them up
it is one large area inside
LOTS of adjustable half width shelves
we can get really creative!

jarca said...

sounds great! and with the 2 doors you only have to open the side that you want to get something out of and only let half of the cold air out ;-}