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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hubby Tag (Tagged by Megan)

Hubby Tag (Tagged by Megan)

and she thinks this would be better labeled as "Couple Tag"...

what's your husbands name? Carl W, Dad, Grandpa, Bishop Hall, Pres. Hall, Honey, Dear , the Patriarch - smile

how long have you been married? Will be 42 years on July 8

how long did you date? dated 3mos - got engaged - and married 3 mos later

how old is he? He looks a whole lot younger than the 69 he is going to be this year!

who eats more sweets? going to have to think about that one - used to be me - but...

who is a better singer? He is! For sure!!! Wonderful voice!

who is smarter? I don't think he realizes how very smart he is!!! SUPER Smart! (the proverbial Rocket Scientist!)

who does the laundry? He's very good about doing his own!

who pays the bills? I wrote the checks for the bills the first 25 years - his turn since then - smile

who sleeps on the right side of the bed? There's a wrong side to the bed???

who mows the lawn? We haven't had a lawn to mow since we moved onto this property in 1981

who cooks dinner? He is a wonderful cook! bless his heart!

who drives? He almost always drives anymore

who is the first to say they are wrong? I think he has always been very good about that

who kissed who first? hmmm...

who asked who out first? LOL! LONG story there! Me - definitely!!!

who wears the pants? LOL


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