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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lock "Bumping" and How to Protect Your Home and Family

This particular video had the most helpful information that I could find so far
Long but worthwhile!

Please note:
Other security locks such as Electronic and magnetic locks or locks that incorporate rotating disks can not be compromised with the bumping technique, as well as restricted or registered key profiles because the correct key-blanks cannot be legally obtained without permission or proper registration with an accredited locksmith association.

This was supposed to be a "Helpful Hint"???
Finding out my car can be opened with a TENNIS BALL is anything but reasurring!!!

Thanks to Eva for the heads-up!


jarca said...

hmmmm, i'm going to have to try that tennis ball trick. i wonder if it works on all cars or only ones that have remote control unlockers?
and of course as a good friend once told me "locks, only make honest people more honest."
after all, all cars and houses have easily breakable windows!
(this comes from self knowledge of a person that has locked herself out enough times LOL)

Doug & Laurel said...

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- Doug & Laurel

beachdude said...

Public service site about lock bumping.