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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wearing the GREEN!

I used to tell my cousin I could see in the dark much better than she could because...

I had GREEN eyes - like a cat! LOL

Actually I think my eyes remind me I'm blessed to have some Irish roots!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



Ratliffs said...

That is really funny Linda! Have a great day!

jarca said...

HMMMMM...come to think of it you always did use "the green eye excuse" when you were caught not wearing green on St. Patricks day.

DeNae said...

Hello! Just wanted to say thanks for the help in redecorating my blog. I went to one of the sites on your blog, and downloaded a very cute picture of some birds. I am the amateur's amateur, but it is still a vast improvement over the seizure-inducing pepto-bismol pink my blog was sporting for a few terrifying hours.

So thanks! And your blog is like, WOW! Everything moves and stuff! Clearly I am in the presence of blog decorating greatness!